August 24, 2015

GBA article highlights “Convergent Evolution”

Net-Zero Homes Show Signs of Convergent Evolution by Martin Holladay in Green Building Advisor gives a glimpse of an encouraging future: high-performance building coupled with renewable energy.   On a hike in Norwich, Vermont, the author of Musings of an Energy Nerd, came across a house with a tell-tale sign of forward thinking: PV panels covering one side of the roof, but there appeared to be more going on.  So he then reached out to the builder, Paul Biebel, of Prudent Living Homes, to get the details.

photo credit: Martin Holladay, Green Building Advisor

photo credit: Martin Holladay, Green Building Advisor

When Holladay met Biebel on site, the builder revealed that after building for almost 40 years “our methods have evolved with the terminology, and now we’re building high-performance homes.”  The success Biebel is achieving these high performing results is what stands out in the article.

Holladay remarks, “Most of their homes have blower-door results that are close to 1 ACH50,” in part because of their attention to sealing details. “Prudent Living Homes pays close attention to air sealing details. I noticed that the thresholds of the exterior doors are sealed to the concrete slab with Tescon tape.”  Nice – we supplied the Tescon Profil tape used by Prudent Living Homes.

Such attention to materials and details ensure a high-performance result.   Go read Martin’s article.  And ask us how we might help in your next construction project. We’re committed to enabling such results with the best tapes, membranes and other materials coupled with state-of-the-art guidance through downloadable details, eBooks, videos and more.   Make it tighter, better, lower-energy, net-zero:  convergence we can believe in.



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  1. craig August 29, 2015 at 1:19 pm #

    That article is for premium members, and behind the paywall. Too bad, but Martin does need to feed the servers.

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