Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the pricing for this product?

You can find pricing for all products by going to the product page. Simply type it in the name or description of the item in search bar at the top. If the product has options (in width, length, etc), you will find a dropdown menu on the right side. Selecting the option you want will show you the price for that item. 

Where can I find the product information?

You can find the product information on the product page. Once you scroll down, you can see information about the product as well as a links to a specifications sheet, as well as any blog posts and videos that are related to the product.

How do I place an order? Is there a store near me?

The easiest way to place an order is to do it online. Once you know what you want to get, you can add the desired number of each product to your cart using the “Add to Cart” button. Once you have added everything you want, click the “Checkout” button, and enter your billing and shipping information to complete your order.

We are set up as a webstore, and do not have storefronts. We have fulfillment centers that ship our products to anywhere in North America.

How much membrane and tape do I need?

INTELLO PLUS, SOLITEX MENTO, and most of our membranes are sold in 800 square foot rolls. For each roll of membrane, you’ll need an average of 2-3 rolls of the corresponding airsealing tape. There are a few exceptions which are noted on the product pages, and we’re always happy to help you size an order. The correct tape to use is nearly always TESCON VANA, also known as 'VANA' for short. VANA comes in a variety of widths. For simple airsealing of membrane the standard 2 3/8" width is the one to use. The only time to consider something other than 2 3/8" TESCON VANA is for window rough opens or building corners (wider varieties of TESCON VANA will be more useful), when using SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO in an open joint rainscreen application (use TESCON INVIS), or when the membrane is already integrated with adhesive strips (such as SOLITEX UM Connect or ADHERO).

Can I get Lunos in Canada?

No. We are sorry, but 475 is exclusive distributors for Lunos only in the USA. We cannot sell or distribute any Lunos products to Canadian customers.

I am building a tiny house. Is Lunos the right system for me?

Yes. Lunos is a popular solution for small homes and tiny houses, as it lets you have a balanced supply of fresh air without any ductwork typically associated with a ventilation system. This means you get whole house ventilation just through 2 holes in your wall. You can see a video showing how the Lunos system works here. You can email us at with a building plan to get specific sizing and spacing suggestions.

How many fans can I connect to a Lunos controller?

You can connect groups of 2 or 4 Lunos e2 fans to one controller. You can see a video showing installation here. A guide to installing and operating the Lunos system can be found on the product page.

Do I need to buy a controller/transformer/anything else with my Lunos?

A Lunos e2 box, in addition to the fan unit, comes with a transformer and a universal controller. You will need to get rocker switches, switch plate, electrical box and low voltage wire.

How long is the Lunos system? Will it work with my wall thickness?

The minimum wall thickness for the Lunos e2 standard version is 12” or 300 mm and for the Lunos e2 short version is 7.5”. The tube you will receive with your order is 20” long and you can cut it to the size you require. If the wall thickness is less than minimum tube length, you can keep the extra length to the inside of the building envelope and box out your wall inward.

Can I install the Lunos through my roof?

No, you cannot install fans in your roof/ceiling. Lunos units can only be installed through the wall assembly horizontally.

How many Lunos do I need?

Lunos e2 operates in pairs, each pair providing up to 22 CFM ventilation. Check out this page to see how you can size your own Lunos system. If you want, we are happy to take a look and support.

How can I sign up for a webinar?

You can sign up for a webinar by going to the webinar event page (see EVENTS in the KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES dropdown above) and add it to your cart. Then complete the checkout process - since this is a free webinar, you will not be asked to put in your billing information.

What tape should I use for my application?

We have just the blogpost for you: How to select the right tape.

How do I install this?

Please find the installation instructions and any related videos linked on the product page as you scroll down. If you have any further questions, call us at 1-800-995-6329 during business hours of 9am-6pm Eastern Standard Time.

What do you have against foam?

At 475 High Performance Building Supply, we believe that when it comes to foam, less is best. Foam, derived from petrochemicals, can release toxic gases throughout its lifetime, is inflexible and experiences shrinkage and cracking that can dramatically compromise building performance, and presents a significant fire hazard. These and other foam-related problems are covered in our “Foam Fails” blog series.

Building a foam-free, high-performance home is possible - so we believe in making the choice that’s healthier for occupants, better for the planet, and more likely to guarantee long-lasting high-performance buildings.

How should I go about designing my foam-free roof assembly?

The best way to design your foam-free roof assembly depends upon the type of roof and building you’re designing, your climate zone, and your building preferences. While we advocate for vented roofs, we understand that not every project will have one. The blog posts below cover a range of roof assemblies, from flat to vaulted, vented to unvented - and how to ensure long-term performance no matter which path you choose.

What's the best way to airseal my windows?

Ensuring an airtight connection between your high-performance windows and the rest of your air barrier can be one of the biggest airsealing challenges, but doing so properly is indispensable for robust, long-term airtightness. Selecting the right tapes, pre-making window tape corners, and identifying how and where to tape the frame, air barrier, and window bucks will all help you meet these goals. Check out the posts below for our guide to the best window airsealing practices.

Do you know any good examples I could draw inspiration from?

Check out our Video page. We have a wide variety of project spotlight videos that highlight our favorite projects, and offer some tutorials on best practices for using our materials.  475 VIDEOS

How can I get a quote for a Lamilux window that isn’t a size you have listed?

Check out this page for custom Lamilux daylight elements, and provide us with the details for your custom skylight project.

Our daylighting specialist will get back to you with a quote and all the support you need. You may also give us a call us at 1-800-995-6329 during business hours of 9am-6pm Eastern Standard Time to see if we're available to help immediately.

The Gutex board I want is not listed with a price. How can I get a quote? [Also, which Gutex board to choose will have a variation of the same answer.]

Contact us to recieve a quote. Send an email to and include your project details, attach drawings if you have them, and send them our way. We will take a look and get back to you. If you want a board that is unlisted, or don’t know which one you want, we can help you choose the best option.

Do you have details on how to use these products?

Providing you with useful guidance and information about how to use our products is a big part of our job. Check out these free books and cad details available for download below, peruse our blog posts and videos on products and installations, or contact us directly for any help you may need.

Construction Guide Books and CAD Details

If you are looking for details for skylights or any other products, email us any time at

What is your policy on returns?

We keep our Returns & Refunds Policy up-to-date on this page. If you are dissatisfied with your order in any way, please get in touch with us. We work hard to make sure you're happy with the products you buy, and will do what we can to make it right.

I have questions about shipping...

Head over to our Shipping page for detailed information.

What what about product warranties?

Details and links to manufacturer warranties are kept up-to-date on our Warranties page.