December 12, 2013

475 Visits LUNOS and LAMILUX Factories in Germany

LAMILUX FE Energysave corner sample

LAMILUX FE Energysave corner sample

Late this November 475 partner Floris Keverling Buisman headed to Germany to visit two of our manufacturers.  475 imports a selection of first class “Made in Germany” products, and visiting their factories is a great way to better understand the products as we see first hand how they are made and which elements make them so efficient/high performance.

It is also much better to discuss the construction needs specific to the USA in person with the technicians than to try specific details over the phone. Sketching and brainstorming in person has proven to be the best way for both parties to understand the products, construction practices, and how to find the optimum solutions.


First stop was at LAMILUX in the Bavarian town of Rehau. This innovative, family-owned business was the first manufacturer to have a PHI certified skylight as well as a flatroof curtainwall (PR60).

LAMILUX insulated curb for flatroof skylights

LAMILUX insulated curb for flatroof skylights

The basis of these super insulated, triple-pane flat roof windows’ performance is an insulated, completely thermally separated frame (see corner sample of FE Energysave above) combined with fully insulated reinforced fiberglass curbs (see photo at right). This allows for a thermal bridge free installation of a window in a flatroof (ie a skylight), with kink free isotherms.

LAMILUX 475 glass options - 3 pane super insulated argon filled


All glazing used in the skylights we import are triple-pane and can be tailored to local climate demands: super-spacers; extra noise reduction (up to 42dB in the standard frame); an overhanging third pane to act as a drip edge in case your flatroof has a minimal pitch.

Furthermore there is a large array of solutions available for roof openings. The exit hatches that we have been installing on an increasing number of Passive House/EnerPHit rowhouses are a good example of that.

With Jürgen Müller – their International Account Manager – several ideas were discussed for the US market including: triple pane roof domes for warehouses and big stores, economical exit hatches for low energy buildings, and flatroof Passive House facades for high-end projects.

We are excited about having the corner samples arrive in early 2014 in Brooklyn, which will be a big help explaining the performance of these skylights in our showroom and at tradeshows.

LUNOSLUNOS e2 motors in insulated sleeves

Next was the cultural and political capital of Berlin.  While Andreas Lehmann and Michael Mersscher from Lunos have visited us a few times in the last 3 years, this was a great opportunity to meet the other members of their team who we had been interacting quite intensively with for some time. It was also helpful to get the product training and knowledge to provide customer service and technical support for the e² heat recovery system.


It was impressive to see the research and development that Michael’s team has done. EXPLO_eGO_smallA bit of news I can share is about the new Lunos eGO heat recovery ventilation unit, which we are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce to the US market in 2014.  This eGO is similar to the Lunos  you may be familiar with.  It’s a through-wall heat recovery system, but in this case exhaust and supply is done in the same unit/facade opening. This makes it ideal for bathroom, and small space ventilation. Another elegant and simple solution that reduces ductwork and makes installation very straightforward.

Those of you who follow Floris on Twitter got the first peeks of the tours as they were happening. Follow along to see our future journeys, or to ask about his recent visit.

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