November 14, 2013

DWG Construction Details for Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) Foam-Free Assemblies

DER-WoodFrameDetailDER renovations are particular animals. While navigating often mysterious and disjointed existing assemblies, there’s much head scratching about how to achieve the long-term performance one wants with renovation work that accommodates occupied and/or finished interiors.

475 is very happy to release a new addition to our free, downloadable collection of construction details: a DWG file for a complete approach to wood frame deep energy retrofit (DER) jobs that are foam-free and straight-forward. Using the initial strategies discussed in our Foam-Free DER Series, we have developed and shared a complete set of detailed drawings covering everything from ground, to walls, to penetrations, to roof connections and roofs.
Of course there are a myriad of variations beyond the many we are initially showing but the basic premise of the approach is that the interior finishes will be left largely intact – making the renovation essentially an outboard exercise. As such, an overriding concern is to always keep the enclosure weather-tight and the interior protected. To achieve this, as the existing siding/roofing is being removed and the substrate is repaired we recommend immediately wrapping the building in the Pro Clima INTESANA membrane – it is waterproof and airtight.  It is also vapor intelligent and will serve as the interior smart vapor control as well as the airtight layer. INTESANA is also UV protected and can withstand several months of exposure while the outboard work is being completed. In this way INTESANA provides both the short- and long-term performance requirements unique to DER renovations. The DWG file should provide a strong starting point.


With the house protected, the existing stud wall becomes a service cavity, which can have insulation blown into it from the outside or be left uninsulated. Outboard of the INTESANA you can apply I-Joists or Modified Larsen Trusses to carry the new fibrous insulation “parka”, or you might wrap the membrane in fibrous insulation boards. Outboard of the insulation is the waterproof, airtight, and vapor open SOLITEX WRB: either SOLITEX Mento 1000 for board insulation and batts (substitute SOLITEX Fronta Quattro for open joint rainscreens or SOLITEX Fronta Humida behind reservoir claddings), or SOLITEX Mento Plus for dense-pack installations. Outboard of that is the back-vented siding or roof – completing the high-performance enclosure.  Foam free. We have a variety of free DWG files available in our Quality Control section.

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