May 13, 2014

designPH Training in California, Vermont & New York

designphThe Passive House Institute’s (PHI’s) new designPH software allows one to use SketchUp to create a model for preliminary suitability studies – to tweak the design’s energy balance and physical form in the same interface.  The software is loaded with default values and materials properties, so you can specify materials and easily customize the results.  Once a compliant design is achieved, key building characteristics can be exported for integration into PHPP.  You can order designPH from 475 here. (Special price discounting is available to those registered for the below designPH courses.)

Mercifully you don’t have to figure this piece of software out on your own.   Andrew Peel, an accredited PHI building certifier and trainer from the Canadian Passive House Institute (CanPHI) is leading a one-day course that will get you up to speed and on your way.   So far Andrew’s designPH teaching schedule is:

In this one-day course, participants will learn how to use designPH for the design and certification of Passive House buildings. Participants will be guided step-by-step through the building design process, from building model creation to exporting to PHPP. A major focus will be on iterative design to achieve the Passive House criteria. A case study will provide participants with practical experience in completing and documenting a designPH model for building certification.

For more information see course links above.  See also PHI’s designPH website here.

(For a complete listing of current CanPHI trainings see here.)


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