from $268.20 /roll
from $268.20 /roll
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size 1-19 per pallet (20)
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Product Specifications

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DA membrane is an extra strong air-barrier/vapor retarder that is suitable for interior and exterior use in demanding conditions. It can be exposed to weather and direct UV for up to 3 months.


Standard roll: 59" (1.50 m) x 164' (50 m) ; Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)


  • Higher resistance to construction site conditions and humidity compared to conventional vapor retarders.
  • Vapor retarder membrane made from PP, protected on both sides by a polypropylene cover.
  • Very watertight, resists 8.2’ ft of water column.
  • Low vapor permeability (1.43 perms) – Sd-value 2.30m
  • Can function as a temporary roof, when pitch is 10 degrees or more.
  • Suitable to be walked over, fabric provides traction.


  • Membrane Material: Vapor retarder membrane made from polypropylene, protected on both sides by a polypropylene cover.
  • Perm Rating: 1.43 perms (Sd-value 2.30m)
  • Suitable as temporary roofing
  • UV/weather Resistance: 3 months of exposure
  • Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 85 SDI)