from $263.25 /roll
from $263.25 /roll
size 1-19 per pallet (20)
Standard - 59" x 164' $263.25 Contact for quote

Product Specifications



CONSTIVAP PLUS® is a high performance, class 2 vapor retarder and air barrier from Pro Clima. It's reinforced for dense-pack insulation and helps protect assemblies where a vapor retarder is needed, with a perm rating of 0.17.


59 1/16"x164'1/2" (1.5 m x 50 m)

Roll Area: 807 SF (75 m2)


  • Vapor retarding membrane with best in class strength for dense-packing fibrous/vapor open thermal insulation
  • Offers insulated assemblies protection against damages and mold from diffusion and air leakage
  • Durable airtight layer, with good surface tension for optimal tape adhesion
  • Very minimal bulging when used as dense-pack membrane because of reinforcement grid
  • Suitable for all types of batts (unfaced fiberglass, mineral wool, cotton, sheeps wool, hemp, flax, etc), as well as for all types of insulation boards (wood fiber, mineral wool, glass wool, straw, etc)
  • 10 year comprehensive Pro Clima warranty


  • Material: polyethelyene copolymer protected by robust PP covers and reinforcement grid
  • Perm rate: 0.17
  • Class II vapor retarder per IBC 2015 - R702.7 and IRC 2015 - 1405.3.1
  • With recommended installation details, can be used as dense pack insulation netting
  • Durability / artificial age test: Passed BS EN 1296 / BS EN 1931