What in the World has 475 Been Up To?

What in the World has 475 Been Up To? 2022 End of Year Recap

2022 was another great year filled with a growing demand for airtightness and high-performance building. With the 475 Team spread out across North America, you may be wondering what we've all been up to this year. Here's a round-up of moments, stories, and details that stuck in our minds, from each Rep and region across the continent.

Nick Shaw, Senior Product Consultant – South, SE, & MidAtlantic

“We now have a presence in the SouthEast” -Nick

Our Senior Product Consultant, Nick Shaw, has relocated to Asheville, NC. Now there's a 475 presence in the South! He has been renovating an old rubble stone carriage house built in the 30's affectionately nicknamed "stonebone home". He is air sealing with INTELLO PLUS, waterproofing with ADHERO, ventilating with LUNOS, and insulating with cellulose and mineral wool. His site supervisor (pictured to the right) has been ensuring Nick wears his PPE and keeps plenty of tuna available.

Ian Nimmo, Product Consultant - West

“GUTEX Multitherm 180 is as wide as my hand!” -Ian

Ian had some fun showing the scale of Gutex MULTITHERM 180. This photo is of a CLT project in Oregon that had ADHERO applied to the panels with Gutex on the outside as the rigid insulation board. MULTITHERM 180 is 7-1/16 in thick and 25.6 R-Value. This is a workshop that will have a metal shop, wood shop and storage for vehicles. It's a part of a project that will also have a home built with CLT, Pro Clima, and wood fiber insulation. CLT was installed by Carpentry Plus and the panels were manufactured by DR Johnson.

Jeremy Latriano, Product Consultant - Daylighting

“This year we supplied our largest and most unique PR-60 Skylight to date” -Jeremy

Jeremy has been managing our Lamilux product line for several years now, and is our daylighting expert when it comes to Lamilux skylights and roof windows. Jeremy is excited to announce that in 2022 we supplied our largest and most unique PR-60 to date, which is an extended pyramid skylight for an Immigrant Integration Center in Chicago. This skylight featured fritted glass in 4 different colors in addition to its unique shape, as you can see pictured to the right.

Gabrielle O'Grady, Technical Sales - CT, NYC, Long Island

"A good mock-up is time well spent" -Gabrielle

Gabrielle learned the importance of a high quality mock-up to make sure connections are airtight. In this image, this historic Brooklyn masonry building is being retrofitted into a combination of high-performance apartments and townhomes. The brick is no longer structural, but will provide both beauty to the neighborhood and with the help of VISCONN, liquid-applied air barrier, maximize the performance of the assembly. A mock-up early on helped to ensure that the liquid-applied air-barrier was applied at sufficient thickness for airtightness (20-mils) and that there is continuity at each transition.

Chris Quincey, Account Manager - NJ, Midwest, Rockies, AK, HI

“A Pro Clima-filled exterior retrofit in the MidWest” -Chris

Chris and his customer, also named Chris, worked on a retrofit project in the Chicago area - a (mostly) exterior retrofit of his 1976 Chicago suburban home. He taped up the seams of the existing plywood sheathing and used different sizes of TESCON VANA, CONTEGA HF, VISCONN, and VISCONN Fibre to seal it up. He then built those studs outboard of it to dense-pack into it behind MENTO Plus, which then continued to the MENTO 3000 Connect on the roof. Chris is also using CONTEGA SOLIDO IQ and EXTOSEAL ENCORS to airseal and waterproof his windows.

Trevor Cook, Product Manager - Lamilux Specialist

"I adjusted the electronics for a Comfort Solo" -Trevor

Trevor is our newest addition to the Daylighting team this year, and has spent a lot of time visiting sites and helping with installations. This image shows a photo from Trevor's visit to Peconic Bay, Long Island, where he adjusted the electronics for a Comfort Solo. He recalls it being a beautiful day although a bit hot on the roof... he also found a killer fried soft shell crab sandwich on his journey. (sadly not pictured)

Aaron Waldt, Product Consultant - Eastern Canada

“Worked on a cottage in the Kawartha Highlands with boat/snowmobile access only” -Aaron

We love to see elements in projects that make it unique, whether that be the building itself, the materials, the location... Well this one is pretty unique in that it is only accessible by boat or snowmobile. It is Carolyn Moss' (of Moss Sund Architects) own cottage in the Kawartha Highlands, boat/snowmobile access only. Very interesting delivery methods (as seen in the photo), big barge and using the 4x4. Double stud sheathingless assembly with Gutex exterior, filled with cellulose, and a full Pro Clima system used, inspired by the Tier 3 Double-Stud Smart Enclosure.

Erika Mayer, General Manager - Canada

"Steepest Roof and most famous personality we've worked with: Todd Talbot and the Eh! Frame" -Erika

Erika wanted to show off a new build in Kelowna, BC. We've had the pleasure of working with Todd Talbot - host of Love it or List it Vancouver on HGTV! Built to be the Talbot’s West Coast family cabin on Lake Okanagan, Todd's unique A-frame (hence the name... 'Eh! Frame') offered a great canvas for viewing its ADHERO WRB. The project also used MENTO 1000, TESCON VANA, EXTOSEAL ENCORS, and TESCON PROFIL to complete the Pro Clima system. Check out the project's history and follow along on Instagram: @eh.frame

Johnny Rezvani, Director of Communications

"We learned what it looks like to bounce back from climate disaster" -Johnny

Johnny has been heavily involved in the work to rebuild after the devastating Marshall Fires that occurred in Colorado at the end of 2021. In October of this year, Johnny co-organized an event in Superior, CO with fellow Board Members at Colorado Green Building Guild, which was covered here by local PBS affiliates. In the wake of Colorado's most destructive wildfire, this event was a day to provide world-class construction resources to those in charge of rebuilding the homes destroyed, structured around available Xcel Energy + State of Colorado Rebates. 475 was proud to be a sponsor and key organizer of the event.

Rachel Bernstein, Marketing Associate

"There were no sidewalks in Edmonton, AB" -Rachel

Rachel, our marketing associate who usually holds down the fort in Boulder, CO with Johnny, traveled up to Edmonton, Alberta this year for an installment the High Performance Meets Boots on the Ground gathering from Passive Buildings Canada. In 475 fashion, she opted to walk instead of drive from the hotel to the conference center, only to realize Edmonton did not have sidewalks! As you can see, she proudly walked her suitcase full of Pro Clima down the car-oriented streets.

Corey Murphy, Product Consultant - NY State

"Happy to Fight the Good Fight" -Corey

Corey is one of our newest hires to the Product Consultant team as our New York State Product Consultant. He resides in Walworth, NY and spends his spare time as a permaculture designer, focusing on Agro-Ecological engineering at his homestead, and enjoying the outdoors at every opportunity. Corey is excited to join the 475 team - "Part of 'Building Better' and 'Building like the Future Depends on it' is communicating better, and communicating like the future depends on it, and I am thoroughly happy for every customer I communicate with support, from the DIY renovations to the electricians jumping for joy after a successful LUNOS troubleshoot."

Brad Moore, Product Consultant - New England

"It’s the people that make this a remarkable, fun and fulfilling role for me" -Brad

As well, Brad is newer to the 475 Product Consultant team and has taken over Oliver Klein's former position as our New England Product Consultant. Brad is looking forward to working with the New Englanders in 2023 and hopes to catch up with many of you face to face at conferences, trade shows, or out on the job site. Cheers!

Special Mention: Shaun St-Amour

"Smallest Passive House example: PH-art Shack" -Shaun

Currently being built by beloved former 475 employee, Shaun St-Amour and his father. They are bringing the first Passive House Art Shack to life! A new build in Vancouver, BC using MENTO 1000, TESCON VANA, VISCONN, EXTOSEAL ENCORS.

Thank you all for a great year! Here's to building on to 2023!



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