The Returns From Indiana Are In: 0.4 ACH50 For The Win!

Warkentien 2015-08-03 12.05.12
Vertical furring strips make a vented rainscreen

Cruz, Clinton, Trump, Sanders...Warkentien? Dave Warkentien lives in Indiana and recently earned winning numbers: 0.4 ACH50.   He also got winning returns on power usage: at negative 457kWh for the first three months of 2016 (and that's after accounting for two electric cars usage of 655kWh). We haven't seen numbers like that since the SURE House won the DOE Solar Decathlon.

The wins are all the more remarkable as the house is located in Mishawaka, near Lake Michigan, and gets its fair share of snow and clouds.

How did he do it?  Focus on high-performance goals, with integrated design and construction - utilizing advanced components and assemblies.

Warkentien 2015-10-15 09.42.18
Service Cavity minimizes penetrations

For the advanced roof and double-stud wall assemblies SOLITEX Mento 1000 is the outboard vapor open and airtight WRB with back vented rainscreens.  Inboard is INTELLO Plus vapor intelligent and airtight membrane - in combination with a service cavity.   TESCON and CONTEGA tapes were used inside and out, along with KAFLEX and ROFLEX gaskets - providing essential continuity that the Pro Clima systems approach (pdf) uniquely provides.

Warkentien 2015-07-12 14.51.41 (1)
ROFLEX gasket at pipe penetration

Dave voted the electric party line; with no wood stove, using Mitsubishi mini splits instead, and no gas cooking, using an induction cooktop with ventless hood.  High efficient heat recovery ventilation and Passive House compatible windows, SunFrost refrigerator and all LED lighting help drive down the loads while assuring comfort and health. With 8kW of solar panels on the roof, not only did the production power the all electric configuration but powered Dave's Tesla too.

See the local TV news story here.  From our perspective it's a winning ticket.

Warkentien Forest Ave house and car (1)
The Winning Ticket: INTELLO and Tesla.

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