Rugged Pro Clima Tape from 475 Supports RISD Techstyle Haus in Versailles

Base Panels with TESCON Vana tape being disassembled for transport to France

475 High Performance Building Supply (475) is a proud sponsor of the Techstyle Haus entry to the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition. Techstyle Haus is designed and built by students at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Brown University and the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany – and led by the RISD husband and wife team of Laura Briggs,  RISD Architecture Department Head and Jonathan Knowles, Associate Professor.  Earlier this year, 475 partner, Ken Levenson visited the warehouse in Cranston Rhode Island, where the building was being initially constructed, to work out connection details with project leader Sina Almassi of RISD.

With luxurious walls of thick multi-dimensional textiles, integrated solar panels and Passive House airtightness, the Techstyle project is an in-depth fusion of high performance, technology, energy efficiency, design and fashion – a 21st Century cultural statement landing at the competition grounds in historic Versailles, France.


While the aesthetic ambitions rest on fashion fusion – the performance depends on reliable and robust airtightness.  And here TESCON Vana solid acrylic tape has played a decisive role in providing durable connections at the base and core panels.  The prefabricated panels made of Advantech sheathing, are joined together with TESCON Vana, and TESCON Vana 150 tapes by Pro Clima.  Not only do the tapes provide the best long lasting strength possible but the tape’s fabric backing is durable and readily takes the beating of job site construction crews walking on it relentlessly – no small feat!

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 is open to the public June 28 to July 14th in Versailles.  475 wishes the Techstyle Haus team good luck in the competition!  Follow the team’s facebook page here.

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