Install GUTEX Boards + Battens In One Shot

Quick Tip

Here’s a quick tip for installing GUTEX woodfiber boards with battens for high performance smart wall assemblies. We have a 2x4 wall with INTELLO Plus already installed on the inboard side as the air barrier system. We begin by pre-cutting battens which are positioned in line with the studs, and screwed through the first row of GUTEX boards, which are flush with the bottom of the wall assembly (the bottom groove of the MULTITHERM has been cut off) and sit on a ledger board or metal starter strip.

Each progressive row of GUTEX boards is slid behind the battens - from sides or top. You may start with battens only on alternating studs, to allow for easier installation. Press each board over neighboring boards to ensure a tight connection of the tongue and groove. Vertical tongue and groove seams are staggered at least 20”. Once in position screw through each board at 90 degrees into the studs, making sure the battens are tightly fixed. The high compressive strength of GUTEX MULTITHERM prevents over-torquing of the screws - which prevents deflection of the batten. This assures siding will be level - without additional blocking or painstaking installation methods.

Finally, using longer screws, screw through at a 60 degree upward angle to provide additional shear strength. For exact screw quantity and locations, please contact us for recommendations. Please note: in assemblies without OSB or plywood, racking strength should be provided by cross bracing or by other means.

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