Project Spotlight: Net-Zero, Gas-Free PA Prefab Home by  EcoCraft Homes

Project Spotlight: Net-Zero, Gas-Free PA Prefab Home by EcoCraft Homes

Bill Spohn has worked in the building performance industry for 30 years and is a majority owner of TruTech Tools, a distributor of blower doors, duct testers, infrared cameras, data loggers, and a TON of HVAC tools and instruments. In addition to running his blog, he also hosts two podcasts on the subject of building science: RESTalk and Building HVAC Science. Being an expert in his field, he knew exactly what he needed to specify in order to pass a blower door test on this remarkable, pre-fab project, and even knew how to talk about it when interviewed by his local ABC affiliate TV station came to check on him.

“So that [SOLITEX MENTO 1000] that’s wrapped all around the house, there’s actually layers underneath that... three layers underneath that, that are all meant for air control. It’s the biggest thing you can do to get control over your energy and your comfort - is to get control over the air.”

Bill and his wife, Marilyn, have been working with local builder Elliot Fabri and his company EcoCraft Homes, to create a custom, high performance house that arrives by crane in large pre-fab sections. Something we’ve seen them accomplish a few times before in the Pittsburgh area. On this occasion, Elliot and crew are accomplishing an all-electric, net-zero, with on-site well and septic - a truly utility-free home.

Congrats to all involved! For more on that three-layer wrap, do some follow-up research with our introductory video for SOLITEX MENTO 1000:

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