Positive News For a Carbon-Negative World

Positive News For a Carbon-Negative World

More Passive House buildings are being built and certified across North America. With the help of local organizations like Passive House California, and the 2020 Title 24 updates, the Golden State is pushing the envelope in building efficiency. These building codes are squarely aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with buildings.

This exemplary Passive House project developed by Carmel Building and Design was featured during the construction process in a news story from KSBW Action News 8 in Monterey, CA. In the piece you can see a full Pro Clima system airsealing system and carbon-negative Gutex MULTITHERM wood fiber board that does double-duty as continuous insulation and WRB. Start digging into the details of this assembly for your own project today using the 2x Framing Smart Enclosure ebook and CAD details - download for free by completing the form.

We have deeply appreciated working with Carmel Building and Design for the last few years to deliver healthy, durable, low carbon high performance projects. They are an inspiring company who is always looking to scale solutions that help improve their clients lives, their community, and the planet. Their founder, Rob Nicely, sits on the board of Passive House California and has been helping lead the charge to push California code to net zero and beyond. But we should really let their work speak for itself. Check out this recent news clip shot Carmel Building’s PH project, and consider pitching similar stories to your local station. It’s exactly the type of positive news we need more of.

Passive House Building Materials Used:

  • MULTITHERM - Wood fiberboard insulation and weather resistive barrier in one, for exterior walls under rain screen
  • ADHERO - Self-adhering, monolithic, vapor permeable membrane, and a durable weather resistive barrier or roof underlayment.
  • TESCON VANA - All-around airtight, vapor-open, SOLID acrylic adhesive tape.
  • VISCONN - Liquid-applied air barrier for robust connections, pitched windows sills and other detailing.
  • EXTOSEAL ENCORS - Window and door sill tape to create water proof connections to and under frames.
  • CONTEGA SOLIDO EXO - Exterior air sealing for windows and doors. Fleece-backed tape with additional full-surface adhesive that negates the need for a primer in most situations.
  • TESCON PROFECT - Pre-folded tape for quick and robust air sealing in corners, all-around airtight, vapor-open, solid acrylic adhesive.

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