Now, Let’s Build Like The Future Depends On It

Now, Let’s Build Like The Future Depends On It

Welcome to the final of our 5 part series on the Smart Enclosure System. Please use this link if you would like to share the entire series with a colleague:

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The Smart Enclosure System is a 21st-century guide to advanced high-performance building assemblies. The System is a toolkit that can help you maximize the positive impact of your building projects: providing optimized comfort, safety, energy efficiency, and negative carbon emissions.

The Smart Enclosure System isn’t a one size fits all prescription, but a range of strategies that can be adapted for each project and site.

As we’ve seen in the previous parts of this video series, the Smart Enclosure System lays out a new framework of decision making consisting of:

Seven Overarching Principles

  1. Lower Embodied Carbon
  2. Greater Carbon Sequestration
  3. Lower Toxicity
  4. More Natural Materials
  5. Smart Vapor, Air and Thermal Control
  6. 100+ Year Durability
  7. Fully Integrated Performance

Three Tiers of Assembly Performance

  1. Modified Industry Standard
  2. Simplified and Improved
  3. Optimized Performance

Nine Different Assembly Types

  1. Masonry Retrofit
  2. Wood Retrofit
  3. 2x Wood Framing
  4. Double-Stud
  5. I-Joist Outrigger
  6. Mass Timber
  7. Straw Bale
  8. Metal Frame
  9. Concrete

We’ve put these tools in place to help architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, building owners, and other building professionals make smarter, more intentional choices in their material selection and design process that can improve the lives of building occupants and our biosphere.

Click the link above and download the free ebooks and purchase the hardcopy version to have handy at your desk. The books are for building professionals - each covering a specific enclosure assembly type. The details in each book are organized by area of focus: Floors, Walls, Penetrations, and Roofs, and by the performance tiers and principles of the Smart Enclosure System.

The details referred to in the books are also available as free DWG file downloads from our websites. Please download the files, copy the details, and make them your own.

We look forward to working with you.

Let’s build like the future depends on it, because it does.

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