No Freezing Means No Defrost Mode

for Lunos e² High-Efficiency Ventilation

Today's high efficiency heat exchange ventilation systems conserve energy while providing exceptional indoor air quality and comfort.

Yet the performance can be adversely effected in cold climates when temperatures dive below freezing for extended periods of time and the ventilation units go into "defrost mode". Defrost mode is really a freeze-prevention mode where the air flow is significantly slowed or stopped altogether, and/or a supply-stream pre-heating element is activated. These defrost mode precautions decrease the quality and/or efficiency of the ventilation provided.

Lunos e2 does not require and does not have a defrost mode, because the ceramic heat-exchange core never freezes. The units have been tested down to a temperature of -31°F without any problems. Manufacturer guidance allows up to 65% relative humidity at 5°F. The units are successfully operating through the winter without freezing in Norway, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Russia.

With this inherent anti-freeze capability, no matter how inhospitable the winter outside, the Lunos e2 provides truly continuous ventilation while conserving energy - ensuring a comfortable, sustainable and healthy interior environment. Find our more here.

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