Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

475's Top Ten Most-Read Blog Posts of 2019

Popularity may be a metric best left in high school, yet, in the age of web analytics, we can’t help but wonder who our audience voted Most Likely To Succeed. By the numbers, here’s what you and your fellow 475 blog readers were most interested in. What’s your favorite post, and why? Is yours on the list or is it missing? Use the social media links at the bottom of this post to share with your network and let us know what you think.

#1 Foam Fails Series

Like The Godfather, this series into the dark underbelly of building science is a horror that never ceases to draw an audience. And like The Godfather Part II, Foam Fails #2, Foam Fails #5 and Foam Fails #7 carry the torch. Let’s face it, Foam is Fredo; the betrayer of high performance.


#2 The Double-Stud Wall Simplified

The double-stud wall is an endless point of public fascination and with a more recent update under its belt, it continues to seduce and demonstrate its relevance.


#3 Smart Enclosure System Series

The Smart Enclosure System is an idea that’s developed organically at 475 these past years, as a way to simply organize professional priorities for those wishing to build like the future depends on it. 2019 saw the release of a complete video introduction series which you can watch here, as well as the continual release of ebooks covering different assembly types.


#4 Unvented Flat Roof: A Technical Discussion

We often get comments from regular readers that they find us by addressing highly technical issues, with a high degree of specificity. This perennial favorite post reminds us that we can never be too geeked-out in the cause of better enclosure performance.


#5 Gutex Wood Fiber Board Primer

If “plastics” was the catchphrase of the movie The Graduate and 1960’s pop culture, we are heartened to see “wood fiber” move front and center in the high-performance building conversation as we push into the 2020s. Shout out to the recent Thermofiber Fire Comparison video, which is burning up our YouTube charts.


#6 Unvented Roof Assemblies can be insulated with Fiberglass

Part of trailblazing is myth-busting and with unvented roofs, like historic masonry retrofits, we work hard to loosen the shackles of unhelpful conventional wisdom and dive into what the possibilities for high-performance really can be.


#7 An Interior air barrier does it better

In any aspect of our lives, repetition of fundamentals is the key to high performance, and this blog post is great for going back to the basics. Updated in 2019, its lessons are a good reminder any day of the year.


#8 Vented high performance standing seam metal roof

This is like candy, what’s not to like...too easy.


#9 Why Solitex is the best WRB Solution

Of course, we are selling products. Of course, we think our products are the best. The difference between us and our competitors is that at 475 we tell you clearly why it is so, with respect and care. Knowledge is our currency and our goal is to support your goals.


#10 Introduction to Lunos e2 heat recovery ventilation

This introductory post was updated in 2019 to video format - demystifying the counterintuitive decentralized function for those who want to kick back with short video during their coffee break.


Honorable Mention:
Introducing The Next Generation LAMILUX Glass Skylight FE, the Flat Roof Daylight Solution

This video post was produced too recent to legitimately make the Top 10, but we know it’s worthy and hope you think so too. Let the sun shine in.

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