LUNOS e² HRV - data for input into PHPP ventilation sheet

The LUNOS e² through wall heat recovery ventilation, allows you to get a very high efficiency heat recovery efficiency, while keeping installation cost to a minimum because the system is ductless. This system has been tested by the German federal agency DIBt, which reported an average efficiency of 90.6%. Another great feature of the e² is the very low fan energy required.

We are receiving a growing number of request for the appropriate values to use in the Passive House Institute's (PHI) PHPP software. Even though the unit is not certified by PHI, it's efficiency makes it very suitable for use in deep energy retrofits and new construction low energy buildings and passive houses.

Pair of e² through wall HRV installed in Chris Corson's Deep Energy Retrofit in Maine

The values to use in PHPP9 are:

In cell for ventilation efficiency 90.6% (Cell JI 15 on component sheet) per DIBt test.

If following the guidelines that PHI uses for certification, deduct 12%, resulting in a 78.6%data input.

The electric ventilation efficiency which includes the power consumed by the controller and AC/DC converter - in cell JK15 use 0.31 W/m3h

PHPP heat recovery and electric efficiency of e² HRV
PHPP heat recovery and electric efficiency of e² HRV

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