Join us at NAPHN19

Join us at NAPHN19 & Let’s Build The World We Want

475 is founded on the notions of knowledge sharing, community building, and providing the best-in-practice solutions and components. We're proud supporters and participants of the NAPHN19 Passive House conference coming up June 27-28 in New York City. If you're also interested in learning and networking with building professionals and policymakers who want to implement low-carbon building solutions, NAPHN19: Build the Future We Want, is not to be missed.


Tuesday and Wednesday, the conference is preceded with intensive pre-conference3 workshops on big building issues, MEP specialties and other technical aspects. In particular we want to direct your attention to the workshop held at on June 26th at BEEX3 led by Nick Shaw of 475 and Jesse Matthews of Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction called Timing is Everything: sequencing for Success Without Driving Sub-trades Mad. It will be an overview on making a complete and continuous interior and exterior air barrier, with a focus on addressing the common building sequencing concerns, highlighting the methods and materials that both designers and builders can use to address these sequencing concerns. This workshop will outline best practice for airsealing foundation to wall junctures, floor separations, wall to roof junctures, and common mechanical penetrations in both new build and renovation of wood construction, as well as discussing project management strategies to ensure details are executed properly.

Conference Sessions

Thursday and Friday, the conference sessions proper are loaded with innovative topics, presented by leaders in Passive House design and implementation. As 475’s core market is the Passive House industry and our suppliers are global leaders in markets around the world - don’t be surprised if glimpses of our efforts are found across the spectrum of presentations over each of the two days.

Of particular interest to us are the new directions the industry is going, with larger buildings, prefabrication, acceleration of retrofits, and greater concentration on embodied carbon.


475 is proud to be a Gold Sponsor and have a prominent position to show-off the latest products from Pro Clima, Gutex, Lamilux, Bewiso, Lunos and more - and to meet with you and catch-up on your latest activities. We’ll have a full complement of staff and look forward to taking the time with you.

Conference Dinner

Thursday evening, there is a conference dinner with special guest speaker Diana Urge-Vorsatz, an IPCC scientist and a long time contributor to the global Passive House efforts. If you’ve not heard from Diana about her work at the front lines of building energy and climate change science - you shouldn’t miss it.


Saturday, there’s a great array of building tours - may of which feature 475 products and know-how. Some are under-construction, others are complete - all are fascinating. From Brownstone Brooklyn, where 475 got its start, to high rises in Manhattan and the Cornell Tech tower, see many of our Project Spotlight stars in person.

Much More...

The excitement for Passive House in New York is rising, just listen to local House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a recent Passive House ribbon-cutting in her district:

This year’s conference appears to be shaping up to be the most exciting and best yet - we'll see you there.

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