Introducing INTELLO X

The Smart Airtightness & Vapor Control Choice for Commercial Buildings

We're very excited to introduce INTELLO X as the next generation - improved to take a beating in unforgiving environments, like the job site of commercial construction projects.

As commercial construction has moved toward better airtightness - with mandated blowerdoor testing by several cities like Seattle and NYC - as well as the growing number of large projects building to Passive House standards, and insulation levels have risen, the risks from thermal bridging of metal framing, rust damage and mold from condensation have risen too. The assemblies need growing drying reserves. Consequently, inboard smart vapor control and airtightness is the smart choice.

When the Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture partnered with Gray Organschi Architecture to create a display project designed to meet United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, they chose INTELLO X
A 2x4 wall was attached outboard of the CLT panels wrapped with INTELLO X
Finished product on display. Photo credit: Gray Organschi

INTELLO X is the next generation - building on the proven performance of INTELLO.  INTELLO has been the market leader in providing smart vapor control and airtightness and has been used successfully in commercial and metal frame construction throughout New York. We can see INTELLO Plus in action at the Culture Shed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro - under construction in the Hudson Yards development on the west side of Midtown Manhattan.

So why the need for a new advancement in material performance?

On many high-rise residential and big-box construction job sites there are hundreds of workers from every imaginable trade, with unforeseen exposure - stretched out over dozens of stories skyward, or football field sized areas - so we wanted to provide something extra durable.

We wanted to take the protective qualities of INTESANA, a WRB and smart vapor retarder, and make them even more robust, so we added a second PP layer on the unprinted side. The result is INTELLO X.

INTELLO X - the next generation in high performance
INTELLO X - the next generation in high performance

INTELLO X is suitable for use inboard of vapor closed flat roofs, green roofs, and unvented pitched roofs with vapor-closed outboard roofing. INTELLO X is suitable in mixed humid climates with cold winters and air-conditioning requirements in the summer. INTELLO X is appropriate for use in extreme climates such as high mountain regions and even Arctic conditions.

  • INTELLO X is HYDROSAFE, providing protection when challenging job sites are wet and might otherwise moisture load the assemblies.
  • INTELLO X can be used with densepack insulations as well as all types of batt insulations and insulation boards.
  • INTELLO X is suitable for use inboard of insulated metal stud walls, exterior airsealing of CLTs construction, prefab panels, vapor closed flat roofs, green roofs, and unvented pitched roofs with vapor-closed outboard roofing.
  • INTELLO X can be taped or adhere on both sides because of the PP covers. This means connections at transitioning around floors , columns and roof connections - are as robust and durable as possible.
  • And INTELLO X may be used as a temporary WRB if construction sequencing requires it on walls or roofs where the pitch is 15 degrees.
  • If you're designing or building a high performance commercial building - INTELLO X will deliver. For more product information, availability and pricing, see the INTELLO X product page here.

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