Introducing COMPEGO

Pro Clima is rolling out a unique new high performance airtight tape called COMPEGO. COMPEGO uses an acrylic adhesive and is made from a stretchable polyethylene, with a thin threaded reinforcement that is sturdy yet capable of being torn by hand.  It has a release backing of siliconized paper for easy application.

COMPEGO's pressure activated, waterproof adhesive is made for permanent airtight bonding to smooth substrates such as metal, plastic, plywood, painted wood or smooth concrete, but is specially designed for airtight bonding to sub-slab vapor barriers and pro clima membranes.

COMPEGO can be used for exterior or interior applications and is rated for 6 months of exposure time on the job site and can be applied in temperatures down to 15 degrees fahrenheit.  COMPEGO is also permanently temperature resistant between -40° F to +194° F.

To demonstrate COMPEGO's abilities, we tested its adhesion on a leading sub slab vapor barrier comparing COMPEGO with two other tape brands. Each tape was first folded at the end to give us a tape surface to grab later on. Then we used a roller to apply sufficient pressure to each tape on the vapor barrier. Pressure sensitive adhesives need time to bond: so we waited 12 hours. Then attempted to remove each strip.

Do a field test of your own to find out for yourself. COMPEGOs high performance adhesive outperforms the rest.

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