Installing High Performance BEWISO Windows

A Historic Brooklyn Home Gets A 21st Century Upgrade

The solution for comfort, efficiency, and silence in a historic Brooklyn brownstone building

Ben Leer, Daylighting Specialist from 475 High Performance Building Supply, demonstrates the details of a high performance install. Austrian-made BEWISO windows are airtight and approximately R-8. The BEWISO Anne window series was selected for this project. In this case, the homeowner wanted to replace the old, leaky traditional double-hung windows, but since they were not removing the drywall and improving the wall assembly, the Passive House Certified Victoria windows we not necessary. These windows are tailor-made to perfectly fit the style and character of neighboring historic windows.

Ben walks us through the steps of preparing the rough opening and the window frame, for quick, easy and high performance installation using:
  • Extoseal Encors - waterproof sill protection
  • Tescon Profil - airtightness around the window, taped in a zero-reveal method
  • Havelock Wool - loose-filled around the outside of the window bucks and between window frame and buck to provide insulation around the thermal-bridge free BEWISO window frame.

This installation will be finished with brick mold around the window on the exterior. In case of a full gut retrofit of the building, we would of course want to see the exterior taped with Solido tape (either Contega Solido Exo or Solido Exo-D), and the interior Tescon Profil tape attached to the Intello Plus vapor-variable air barrier. For more on our ideal gut renovation details, look to our video on Duncan Architect's renovation project.

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