How to Select the Right Tape

SOLITEX Mento Plus roof membrane ready for TESCON Vana tape. Credit: 475

You know you need a great tape and you know Pro Clima tapes are the best. This rundown will help you select the right tape for the job at hand. If you need complete information, specifications and installation instructions click the product pages linked in each description below.

So let's break down your taping needs by which basic components you're taping. In order of appearance:


  • Roof membrane to membrane(SOLITEX) and to wood: TESCON Vana
    • TESCON Vana is a pressure activated SOLID acrylic adhesive tape. It is available in a variety of widths.

  • Between roof battens and membranes with penetrating fasteners: TESCON NAIDECK
    • TESCON NAIDECK is a self-sealing double sided butyl rubber adhesive tape.

  • Roof Sheathing (Wood Fiberboard, OSB, Plywood, Exterior Gyp Board): TESCON Vana

Note on Primer: Sheathings, particularly wood fiberboard or OSB may be rough and/or porous and will require the application of Pro Clima's Primer RP to ensure a robust bond. Test application of TESCON Vana by pressurizing tape, waiting several hours, then peel and verify tenacity of bond. Typical OSB does not require a primer while typical wood fiberboard does require a primer.


SOLITEX Fronta Quattro taped with TESCON Invis. Credit: Ryall Poerter Sheridan Architects
SOLITEX Fronta Quattro taped with TESCON Invis. Credit: Ryall Poerter Sheridan Architects

  • Sheathing (Wood Fiberboard, OSB, Plywood, Exterior Gyp Bd): TESCON Vana
    • See note above regarding primer.

  • Membranes (SOLITEX behind closed joint rainscreen): TESCON Vana

  • Membranes (SOLITEX Fronta Quattro behind open joint rainscreens): TESCON Invis
    • TESCON Invis is functionally the same as TESCON Vana, but is black and has no writing on it.

  • Membranes (Poly sheets): TESCON Vana
    • While most poly sheets can be taped with TESCON Vana, with excess residue on the poly sheets adhesion can be unsatisfactory. Quality of adhesion should be confirmed with an adhesion test.

  • Poured Concrete (to Wood): TESCON Vana, Extoseal Encors, or Extoseal Finoc
    • Because concrete is porous Primer RP is recommended. See video of primer installation here.
    • TESCON Vana + Primer RP is the vapor open option. Use Extoseal Encors if a flexible, tough, but vapor closed connection will work best or if working below 40F. In warmer weather you can also use Extoseal Finoc to air seal sheating to foundations/slab or under sills in timber structures. It creates a cost effective, durable, self sealing capillary break.

  • Poured Concrete (to Membranes): recommended CONTEGA HF caulk adhesive, with an expansion loop in the membrane. Alternative is TESCON VANA and Primer RP.

  • Concrete Block and Stone (to Membranes): CONTEGA HF caulk adhesive (if needed in combination with TESCON Vana with Primer RP), Extoseal Encors, or Extoseal Finoc

  • Stucco/Plaster (to Membranes):CONTEGA SOLIDO SL for bonds without need to use primer - or TESCON Vana but then substrate needs Primer RP


Installing Roflex gasket with TESCON tape at duct penetration. Credit: Eco Homes of Vermont

  • New wires: Kaflex is an EPDM gasket with integral TESCON VANA tape *

  • Small pipes (.5" to 1.5" dia): above TESCON tapes and Roflex 20
    • Roflex 20 is an EPDM gasket with integral TESCON Vana adhesive connection.

  • Larger diameter pipes: above TESCON tapes and Roflex 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 (from 1.5" dia to 12.75" dia) with TESCON Vana tape
    • Roflex 30 - 300 are EPDM gaskets that require separate tape connection to air barrier.

  • Wires, Pipes & Beams (already in place): TESCON Vana, TESCON Profil, TESCON Profect, or CONTEGA SOLIDO SL / SL-D


Installing TESCON Profil tape at window to INTELLO membrane.
Installing TESCON Profil tape at window to INTELLO membrane.


All exterior material connections noted above, plus:

That's it! To simplify things further - note that TESCON Vana is capable of handling the vast majority of most typical tape needs. Often with just a roll or two of a few other tapes, a few gaskets, some primer and adhesive caulking - and you have a complete taping system to make all the connections you need. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

One last thought: Be sure to have a handy PRESSFIX tape applicator on hand to ensure proper pressure activation of tapes.

* KAFLEX DUO was made with UNITAPE, if used on exterior, please cover with TESCON VANA for waterproof adhesion.

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