Heavy-Duty Window Flashing by Chris Corson Using Extoseal Encors

We had the opportunity to meet up with Chris Corson, Technical Director for EcoCor High Performance Building Systems (formerly, EcoCor Design / Build), on a significant new project in Woodstock, NY. Ecocor is now in process of unveiling a modular building process that focuses on creating low-carbon building envelopes. The design is familiar for those who have read the industry journal articles on the panelized system, which  includes dense pack cellulose insulation, carefully sourced local wood, and Pro Clima tapes and membranes for the airtight layer.

There will be more on the new EcoCor system in the coming weeks. For now we're focused on the window installation. In the above video Chris leads us through his process for window sill pans, using Extoseal Encors. In this example, because all the windows and doors of this home are floor to ceiling, the sill pan needs to be as robust as possible, especially considering the fact that windows set 8" deep into the walls. Extoseal Encors provides a durable, airtight, waterproof sill pan for these windows, allowing any water to drain out effectively. It also allows Chris to not have to use any treated lumber in his walls or in this sill area. This contributes to one of the many details that allows for building in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Clearly, this is not your everyday wall assembly and most installs will be completely protected using one length of tape and following the Pro Clima application guidelines (pictured below). But the heartiness of this install shows what is possible in a variety of situations that need protection, from doors to windows or other rough openings or points of vulnerability.

Extoseal Encors comes in rolls 6" (15cm), 8" (20cm), or 12" (30cm) wide; each 65.5' (20m) long. It is self-sealing around screw and nail penetrations, retaining its elasticity in temperatures down to 15°F. If you'd like a piece to experiment with, Encors now comes in sample sizes in our free sample packs - make sure to mention it by name.

Extoseal Encors Installation Guidelines
Extoseal Encors Installation Guidelines

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