Havelock Sheeps' Wool and Performance Insulation

Insulation  contractors are on the front lines of high performance building, delivering comfort and efficiency.  It's a tough business. It's rough to manage high turnover, squeezed margins, and communication barriers.  Those who take pride in the work, are interested in the results.  And leaders do the best with what they have, while also continuously looking for better building science based solutions.

Travis Weeks, of Performance Insulation, is a great example of such leadership. We’ve worked with Travis in a few different capacities.  Lucas Johnson, our West Coast product solutions consultant, managed - before joining 475 - a utility rebate program, and Travis was the most consistent and passionate contractor in the program. Travis was a reliable and fair subcontractor when Lucas was a builder too, and he's now helping the team at 475 deliver healthier and more durable building enclosures.  Leaders like Travis are constantly searching for the best science-based solutions, but most importantly knows what it takes to first convince the market to get excited about better solutions and then to install them properly so they perform.

In his many years of experience, Travis tells Lucas that he's seen all too many projects suffer from difficult installs or longer-term failures like rot or mold. In addition, due to the toxicity of many insulation options, indoor air quality is a significant concern for all projects. Travis was excited to discover the Havelock sheeps' wool insulation.  The sheeps' wool is non-toxic, super durable, easy to install, and helps prevent rot and mold.  It's available in batt and loose fill for blow-in.  A few of the critical characteristics include:

  • ALL NATURAL – Wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable
  • MOISTURE CONTROL – Wool naturally manages moisture levels against 65% relative humidity
  • FIRE RESISTANT – Wool is inherently known to extinguish after smoldering
  • LONG LASTING – Extensive useful life
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Natural characteristics allow our insulation to limit additives to borates.
  • NOISE REDUCTION – Wool creates acoustic advantages in minimizing airborne sound
  • DISPOSAL – Wool insulation can be composted at the end of an extended useful life
  • INSTALLATION – Blow-in and batts are installed like other mediums but with no protection required

Then, to make a complete and durable high-performance enclosure system, the next step is to combine the Havelock sheeps' wool with our innovative airtightness solutions from Pro Clima. In particular, the INTELLO Plus membrane is the perfect netting for the sheeps' wool. The INTELLO Plus also delivers best practice buildings by serving as the inboard primary air barrier and provides smart vapor control to prevent rot and mold while maximizing comfort, indoor air quality, and efficiency.

Callbacks are the curse of construction industry, so we understand Travis is excited to explore the possibility of a call-back free Pro Clima and Havelock system built to last. One of the reasons for confidence is that unlike most options this system looks just as good in reality as it does on the drawings. It turns out using a simple approach with healthy performance materials makes jobs a lot easier and more enjoyable!

Find out more about Havelock sheeps' wool insulation HERE.

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