GLAVEL Foam Glass Gravel Now Available in North America

GLAVEL Foam Glass Gravel Now Available in North America

Good news about Glavel! Building owners and developers in need of an alternative to petroleum-based sub-slab insulation and an overall boost to their sustainability characteristics, Glavel’s foam glass gravel is the solution. Rob Conboy, CEO of Glavel, Inc., the Vermont-based company that specializes in manufacturing light-weight building material from recycled glass asserts that this technology “will enable the construction industry to more cost-effectively insulate below slab and achieve substantial reductions in the embedded carbon of the building material.”

What is Glavel - foam glass gravel? Foam glass gravel is a highly stable and versatile product that has been successfully used in construction of buildings and infrastructure projects in Europe for over twenty years. Foam glass gravel has multiple applications: building insulation, green roofs, frost heave insulation, and embankments. Foam glass aggregate retains its structural properties for the life of the project. Its granular shape with an acute friction angle allows it to be used for steep gradients.

As a company, we at 475 are very excited about the future of Glavel. It's a wonderful alternative to petroleum-based foam sub-slab insulation, having 100% recycled content with no blowing agents used, excellent drainage characteristics, and allowing for a simplified, cost-effective install. Whether in high performance construction or as drainage and insulation in green roof projects, Glavel is very promising.

Installing Glavel at a project in Vermont

Originating in Europe and successfully installed in building and infrastructure projects for over 25 years, Glavel is excited to bring this technology to North America. Conboy confirms that “we are on track to build our first manufacturing facility for foam glass gravel in St. Albans, VT within a year.” During the interim, Glavel delivers on orders with supply from its European partner.

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