Best of Off-Label Uses

Part 4

Life is never steady state. Things get broken and patched along the way, and when we need a quick solution, we go to what works simply and easily. That's why people love using Pro Clima tape for all the things in life that it was not intended to do, but accidentally does so well. Keep sending us examples of the many creative and improvisational ways you end up using our handy high performance materials and see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of The Best of Off-Label Uses. Post up your images on twitter, facebook, or instagram #OffLabelUses.

Our friends building the award-winning Weinberg Commons Passive House retrofit in DC fixed up a broken mirror. Sure, long-term that's gotta get fixed, but hey. You need to get the truck to the shop, don't ya?

weinberg commons

Two in a row here from the recent Halloween holiday. This Twitter call and response started with our friends at Emu Systems in Colorado. They's savvy, so they know: to win the internet, include a dog.

Then a masterfully done web of Intello Plus was demonstrated by Pro Clima's own Jens Lüder Herms in Germany.

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