6 Reasons Pro Clima Airtight Tapes are Best

You have a choice of air sealing tapes, so why choose Pro Clima?  With six solid reasons making the case, it's easy to say Pro Clima tape is the best:

WTF testing in action with Peter Yost

Reason #1: Pro Clima Tapes Have The Best Stick

The pressure activated adhesion of Pro Clima's solid acrylic tapes are second to none, as proven by independent WTF testing. Key to the unparalleled adhesive power and durability of Pro Clima tapes is the science of the acrylic adhesive, where no solvents are present and the adhesion doesn't rely - like leading competitors - on a liquid formulation that results in "stickiness" but produces a bond that can slip and slide out of control. The solid acrylic adhesive is temperature and moisture tolerant and the backing is a polypropylene (PP) form-fitting fabric that is easy to apply. It just sticks best.

Reason #2: Pro Clima Tapes Last Longest

Pro Clima's solid acrylic adhesive was born in the demanding aerospace industry decades ago. Today, Pro Clima tapes are standing the test of time - installed on job sites for over two decades as well as undergoing rigorous unparalleled accelerated age testing - recently completing 100 years without degradation to its bonding effectiveness.  100 years! It sticks longer than many buildings are expected to stand. 

Reason #3: Pro Clima Tapes Cost Less

Tescon Vana, the premier Pro Clima workhorse tape, starts at just 30 cents per linear foot. Compared to any tape of similar quality, it costs less. Pro Clima tape is a better tape at a better price.

Reason #4: Save Time and Money

Pro Clima's quality can prevent call-backs, and re-dos that are caused by delamination of less robust tapes. Crews that are practiced and rely Tescon Vana are capable of hitting blowerdoor goals without multiple re-tests. Yet, taping is a simple enough job that, for example, a rotating cast of volunteer Vana installers was able to hit 0.2ACH 50 on this Habitat Humanity site in DC. Plus, no more delays for chilly days. Vana can be applied in temperatures as frozen as 15°F. Your time is often the most valuable commodity on a job site - save it by specifying high performance materials.

CONTEGA EXO: exterior vapor open window airsealing tape with three adhesive strips.

Reason #5: Specialized Tapes for Specialized Needs

Tapes make connections and the types and configurations of connections are almost limitless. As a high-performance builder you have specialized needs to make sure connections are made to last. So while 99% of connections may be handled with just a few standard Pro Clima tapes (Tescon Vana, Tescon Profil and Extoseal Encors), there is a uniquely exhaustive selection of tapes to meet virtually every need: split back tapes, super-wide tapes, tapes with multiple adhesive strips, tape with fleece backing, vapor retarding tape, vapor open tape suitable for masonry, tape for wire or pipe penetrations, double-sided self-sealing exterior tape and double sided interior tape. If you have a specialized  taping need, Pro Clima can give you a specialized answer tailored to your needs. No compromises!

Reason #6: Not Just for Air Tightness

America's long love affair with duct tape, as the one tool to answer an inexhaustible number of needs has met its match with Pro Clima tape. Pro Clima tapes are not only answering the call to provide building air-tightness but also to mend auto bodies, patch clothing, and mend furniture upholstery - just to name a few. With a roll of Pro Clima tape you can tackle almost anything.

So there you have it - five reasons to rest assured that Pro Clima tapes are the best. Get the tape that sticks better, longer, for less cost, that does the job you want, as well as the job you hadn't even considered yet.

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