475’s Year In Review, Part 4: Oliver Klein in New England

475’s Year In Review, Part 4: Oliver Klein in New England

As so many of us are working from our own pods and bubbles this year, 475 is reinventing our annual year-in-review post into a blog series with each post written by a different member of 475’s Sales Team reflecting on stories and trends in their territory.

Part 4 is by Oliver Klein, 475’s Regional Sales Consultant for New England.

I'm fortunate to represent the great people of New England (minus one state - 475 rep Nick Shaw serves Connecticut). I'm blown away by the amazing stuff that gets done here. And we're very lucky that COVID-19 didn't put much of a dent into the industry here this year.

To convey my appreciation, I'd like to show off one project for each of the 5 states that I work in: MA, ME, RI, NH and VT. It's hard to narrow a ton of great projects down to five. The ones I selected are small or retrofit projects united by a commitment to low carbon design, and each with high performance airtight details deftly executed through careful design and craftsmanship. At 475 we celebrate every project that follows building science to ensure long-lasting buildings with healthy indoor air quality.

Narragansett, RI - Passive House

Builder: Steve DeMetrick, Demetrick Woodworking [http://www.demetrickhousewrights.com/]
Performance: PHIUS (in process)
Airtightness: 0.25 ACH50

When it comes to Passive House in Rhode Island, Steve DeMetrick is in a class by himself. We've had the pleasure of working with him on a number of projects, including this latest one. He's a craftsman, a building scientist and a problem solver. If you haven't caught up with Steve on Instagram, don't wait any longer. A couple of Gutex milestones - this is Steve's first project with Gutex, and it's aiming to be one of the first Passive Houses with Gutex in New England.

Putney, VT - Sugar Bush House

Builder: Gero Dolfus, Mindel and Morse Builders
Architect: Bob Swinburne, Bluetime Collaborative
Performance: PHIUS (in process)
Airtightness: 0.045 CFM50/ft2

This project was a true collaboration between the architect and builder from very early on in the process. This kind of integrated project delivery helped the team to pull off some very cool construction details using Intello X and Mento Plus with deep roof and Larsen wall trusses. As Bob notes in their recent SEON Home Tour video, "Gero and I pushed ourselves on this project. We hope to push ourselves on every project, and to keep moving the needle forward in many ways." Here's to pushing the envelope on residential design and low carbon construction!

Bethel, ME - Maine Passive House barn retrofit (future office/workshop)

Builder: Jesper Kruse, Maine Passive House
Airtightness: Need to finish taping that Intello at some point, Jesper...

Jesper is one of those builders that hits every project out of the park, whether it's a small Passive House cabin or a luxury ski getaway. And nothing cooler than taking an old Maine barn and turning it back into something - and doing it with low carbon impact. On this roof it's Intello X, 6" insulation, and Mento (don't miss the detail with the old rafter applied outboard of the new airtight assembly). His projects are built to last 200 years, and he's used just about every 475 / Pro Clima product to get the job done. If you work for him, you're living the dream because you get to hit the slopes on powder days at Sunday River.

Winchester, MA - DIY High Performance sustainable home

Homeowners/builders: Jeff Kidder-Blaisdell & Casey Bauer
Airtightness: 0.28 ACH50

Jeff and Casey are a husband-wife team going full "self-GC" on this new construction home. They upgraded their architect-designed house to a full Pro Clima and Gutex system, and have done the bulk of the build themselves (when not working as cabinetmakers and parenting full-time). The project followed 475 best practices for Gutex Multitherm, Solitex Mento and Intello Plus on the roof and walls, along with full window tape integration. Simply put, they are fully invested in building the most comfortable, durable and efficient possible home for their family. They also generously shared some time out of their busy schedules to co-host a very successful "open wall home tour" with 475 in the fall of 2019.

Canaan, NH - New Residence

Design/Build: John Slater, Energy Vision Homes
Airtightness: 1.24 ACH50
Performance: HERS 35 - Net Zero Energy Ready

I'm happy to feature this small Design/Build company who is using Intello Plus to help him achieve his bold "energy vision". The Energy Vision Homes website is just one page. And John Slater's philosophy can be summarized in one quote: "Zero energy is achieved through energy reduction, as well as energy production." Fortunately for his customers in southern NH, John also chooses cellulose insulation to optimize the energy balance of his homes. With Intello, we can also help John make his projects as comfortable, healthy and durable as possible.

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