475 Tape Performance Lab:

Tapes, Primers and Pressurization

Welcome back to the 475 Tape Performance Lab (aka our Brooklyn HQ presentation room). Check out last month's experiment: Underwater Tape Test.

We ask a lot of our tape. It airseals the junctions between the components in our high performance assemblies, helps ensures safety from mold, and lasts forever. A good tape not only sticks, adheres, and makes the building airtight for years to come, but is also easy to install in adverse job site conditions. One of the points of confusion that comes in this regard is stickiness vs adhesion. One of the great things about Pro Clima tapes  is that it doesn't stick immediately, so you can remove, perfect your job, then when you're sure, pressurize to begin the bonding process. That’s why we put it to the test. Unlike the usual disclaimers: WE HOPE YOU TRY THIS AT HOME. Ask us for a sample piece if you’d like to replicate our experiments.

Tape Performance Lab

Today's Question: What is the most effective way to apply Tescon Vana tape to a plywood substrate?

Craig, 475's Director of Sales and Tape Tester extraordinaire, applies Tescon Vana to plywood in four different ways and compares the effectiveness of the adhesion.

Experiment Materials:

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