475 On-Site Video: The First Certified Multifamily Passive House in Colorado

475 On-Site Video: The First Certified Multifamily Passive House in Colorado

Location: Englewood, CO USA
Builder: Sterling Builders
Architects: Shape Architecture
Engineering / Passive House Consulting: Emu Building Systems
Plumbing: Campbell Brothers Plumbing
Electrical: Electron Power
Mechanical: CMS Mechanical Services

When we heard the first certified multifamily Passive House in the state of Colorado was created with our materials, we were excited to add it to our 475 On-Site video series. Along with being a first for the state, it’s also Sterling Builders’ first ever certified Passive House. This beautifully crafted project was completed with the help of 475’s Pro Clima materials and Lamilux skylights. Located right off a 6-lane highway in Englewood, CO, The Ogden House contains two units at about 2,800 square feet each. Due to its proximity to traffic noise, airtightness and insulation were key in order to create the calm, serene space within. With high performance windows and skylights, and a very airtight building envelope, Sterling Builders was able to build a beautiful high-performance home without compromising quality on both the interior and exterior.

If you’re looking for more information about this project, we highly recommend you watch their well-produced YouTube channel and subscribe.

The recipe for the first certified multifamily Passive House in Colorado included:

- FRONTA QUATTRO - black membrane with black print, for invisible WRB and dark shadow lines behind open joint cladding
- TESCON INVIS - black airtight tape for airsealing and waterproofing membrane overlaps and sheathing joints
- INTELLO PLUS - the keystone to long-lasting airtightness and intelligent vapor control in walls and roofs
- TESCON VANA - all-around airtight, vapor-open, SOLID acrylic adhesive tape. For interior or exterior air-sealing and waterproofing of membrane overlaps and sheathing joints
- VISCONN FIBRE - high-quality, water-based acrylic dispersion air barrier. Apply with brush to fill gaps up to 3/4"
- LAMILUX FE Skylights - High performance triple pane skylight with a thermal bridge free frame. For use on flat and low-pitch roofs.

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