475 On-Site: SURE HOUSE

475 On-Site: SURE HOUSE

Back in 2015, 475 High Performance Building Supply was a proud supporter and supplier of the Stevens Institute of Technology 2015 D.O.E. Solar Decathlon team. Their entry into the competition, SURE HOUSE went on to win at the decathlon. Short for SUstainable + REsilient, this project has been designed to survive the next Superstorm Sandy while allowing occupants to live a 100% solar powered existence in a nearly foam-free building.

The SURE HOUSE project uses many details from our most recent ebook publication: High Performance 2x Framing. It relies on INTELLO as an airtight smart vapor retarder, taped tight with TESCON VANA on membranes and sheathing, uses ROFLEX gaskets and TESCON PROFIL to seal penetrations. We recommend you see the finished airsealing details for yourself in their amazing 3-D walkthrough. You'll also find their full drawing set on the Decathlon website.

The 3 main design goals of the project are:

  1. Hit the Passive House standard - By driving down the energy use of the house to 90% lower than typical American homes, the team is able to meet the ambitious energy goals.

    SURE HOUSE in action

  2. 100% solar powered - Not only does the electricity and water heating come from solar, but the team needs to account for a reserve of energy to charge an electric car, which will commute as much as the average American family.
  3. Resilience for the next storm - A number of measures have been designed into the fabric of the building to help survive major flood events. Innovative flood doors can be locked down in a matter of minutes. The exterior sheathing is built like a boat hull to prevent water entry. Utilities are fed from the roof down, so that little, if anything, can be destroyed in a flood event. Finally, if any water enters the home, using INTELLO allows for a vapor-smart wall assembly that could be safely dried out.
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Watch the back story on the 2015 Solar Decathlon winners (link in bio) - the SURE House by Stevens Institute of Technology. 475 was a proud supporter and supplier of the ProClima airtightness system that made it possible for this project to be 100% solar powered. SURE, which is short for SUstainable + REsilient, was designed to survive the next Superstorm Sandy while allowing occupants to live a 100% solar-powered existence in a (nearly) foam-free building. See the link in bio to watch a full video overview and read more!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Link: https://foursevenfive.com/blog/475-on-site-sure-house/⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #PassiveHouse #Passivhaus #GreenBuilding #Architect #Architecture #Construction #ZeroEnergy #NetZero #sustainable #sustainableconstruction #solarenergy #greenliving #sustainablearchitecture #greenhome

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