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Simulated Double-Hung, Landmark Windows

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The ANNE window is rated at Efficiency Class A for both the operable and fixed versions. It’s manufactured in Austria by timber industry experts focused on offering the highest possible visual aesthetic while maintaining Passive House levels of comfort and efficiency. It is Historic Preservation friendly, with extra narrow frames and mullions.

Made in Austria. Developed for North America.
BEWISO was founded by Thomas Cafuta, the youngest person to earn the title of Master Carpenter in Austria. Inspired by years of handcraft woodworking and window manufacturing, the BEWISO team set out to redefine the window industry. BEWISO’s attention to detail and obsession with performance combines the best practices of traditional craftsmanship, innovative design and state-of-the-art technology to offer the highest quality.

Optimized For High Performance Historic Buildings.
BEWISO and 475 partnered to develop the first Passive House Certified simulated double hung window, a model specifically created for high performance historic restorations. NYC Landmark Approval has been received for several projects. These are PHI Certified simulated double hung windows that can be used for Landmark building retrofits, Passive houses and EnerPHit projects. The narrow sight lines match historic frame widths, are all wood and can be profiled to match the look of historic fenestration, pleasing owners, architects, and LPC.


  • Triple Glazing: Ug max = 0.09 Btu/h ft2 F
  • Water Tightness: E900
  • Wind Pressire of Sash: B5/C5
  • Wind Pressure of Horizontal Mullion: B5/C5
  • Noise Protection: 35 dB
  • Bewiso ANNE Spec Sheet

  • Installing High Performance BEWISO Windows In A Historic Brooklyn Home