ALLROUND timber-alu flush

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The ALLROUND timber-alu series is a modern twist on the Allround timber-alu system. This series offers wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding, designed to offer a streamlined , flush frame, with durable Roto hardware and is available in several wood and finish options.

All Optiwin windows are available in Custom Dimensions and Fully supported by 475 for best performing installation detailing (thermal bridges/airsealing).

For Custom Solutions:

Product Specifications


  • Frame width: 3 11/16" — 4 5/8"(95—118 mm)
  • Gaskets: 4
  • Suitable for low energy and Passive house in most USA climate zones
  • Customizable high or low SHGC
  • Available in spruce (standard), oak, fir, pine, larch, and “reclaimed” wood
  • Options for hardware, insect screens, alu-sills and interior/exterior finishes
  • Foam-free frames insulated with wood fiberboard
  • Exterior finish: available in any RAL ( color of your choice
  • Interior finish: available in a variety of opaque or stained finishes, RAL colors or primed to be finished on-site
  • Options for hardware, insect screens, alu-sills and roller shutters, electric motors
  • Optiwin windows are fully recyclable to avoid waste


  • Customizable high or low SHGC (30-40-50)
  • Uwindow: 0.132 Btu/h ft2 F (0.75 W/m2K)
  • Uglass: 0.088 Btu/h ft2 F (0.5 W/m2K)
  • Super Spacer: 0.016 Btu/h ft2 F (0.028 W/m2K)