from $479.50 /roll
from $479.50 /roll
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size 1-19 per pallet (24)
Standard - 59" x 98'5" $479.50 Contact for quote

Product Specifications



ADHERO® is a self-adhering, monolithic, vapor permeable membrane, and a durable weather resistive barrier or roof underlayment. Recommended weather protection for CLT floors/ceiling against water damages/staining for up to 28 days.


59" x 98'5" (1.5 x 30 m)
Roll area 484 ft2 (45m2)


  • Unique monolithic, non-porous TEEE membrane that offers optimized vapor permeability
  • Reliable bonding on all standard construction materials thanks to excellent adhesive properties and full coverage with Pro Clima acrylic adhesive
  • Self- sealing around point penetrations (screws/nails) in walls
  • Monolithic membrane ensures there are no leaks due to tenting effect or wood tannins, unlike microporous membranes
  • Living Building Challenge Compliant — Red List Free
  • 10 year comprehensive Pro Clima warranty.


  • Use PRESSFIX XL for easy application and optimum pressurization of ADHERO on sheathing
  • Bonds to all Pro Clima membranes, plywood, CLT, OSB, PE, metal, plastics, and exterior gypsum
  • In combination with TESCON PRIMER RP, adheres to soft/porous wood insulation panels, concrete, rough OSB and brick


  • Material: Self-adhered, monolithic TEEE functional membrane
  • Air permeance: 0.00004 cfm/ft2 per ASTM E2178
  • Vapor permeance ASTM E96: 8 perms wet cup
  • Vapor permeance EN ISO 12572: 11 perms wet cup
  • Very watertight, resists 33’ ft of water column
  • UV/weather Resistance climate zone 4-8: three months for roofs, six months for walls
  • UV/weather Resistance climate zone 1-3: three months for roofs, four months for walls
  • PP cover fleece has optimized surface tension for superior tape bonding