October 8, 2015

475 Press Release: The Canadian Site is Live


475 High Performance Building Supply Unveils New Canadian Website: foursevenfive.ca

A rise in energy efficient building and the growing popularity of Passive House is driving  demand for high performance building materials in cold climates

New York-based 475 High Performance Building Supply announced today the release of a Canadian platform for high performance building products and knowledge resources at www.foursevenfive.ca. The website provides access to products from manufacturers such as Pro Clima, who manufactures airtight materials necessary for building high-performance and Passive House certified buildings. Prices on the site are displayed in Canadian dollars. While initially, orders will be shipped from the US, 475 will soon be launching fulfillment from within Canada, drastically reducing delivery times and costs.  475 currently covers any costs from customs brokerage and duties associated with cross-border shipments.

Canada is seeing an uptick in demand for high-performance or energy efficient building materials. British Columbia recently granted $100,000 to the Canadian Passive House Institute West (CanPHI West) for training support in the field. In a recent press release from the province, the Canadian Minister of Environment, Mary Polak, stated, “Construction of homes and commercial buildings to high-performance energy-efficiency standards such as Passive House can significantly reduce overall provincial GHG emissions and help us fight climate change.” Canadians nationwide are responding, intrigued by the major reduction in energy costs – and increase in comfort – that Passive House buildings provide.

Individual builders and contractors are taking note of 475’s Canadian site release as well. High performance builders at Collective Carpentry in Invermere, B.C. regularly use Pro Clima products for airtightness, such as in Rossland’s first certified Passive House. “We are always impressed with the level of customer service offered by the team at 475,” says Rane Wardwell, co-owner of Collective Carpentry. “They sell top tier products and make it a priority to ensure they get used in the right way.”

Pro Clima tapes and membranes offer uniques feature for building in colder climates. For example, INTELLO Plus – an interior airtightness membrane and smart vapor retarder.  While INTELLO Plus is completely airtight, it also allows moisture buildup to safely dry out of walls by adapting its vapor profile to different levels of relative humidity. The engineering behind these materials is essential for super-insulated walls in northern latitudes where the risk of moisture damage and mold is high.

The foursevenfive.ca website is a source for downloadable construction details and guidebooks that are applicable to Canadian low-energy building and Passive House construction. Videos and blog posts on exemplary projects and creative green building solutions are frequently posted and updated.

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