March 20, 2017

475 Presents: High Performance Gets Real

What exactly do we mean by high-performance building?  What are some of the obstacles to building this way?  And when compromises have to be made, how can we make cost-effective choices and still construct a high-performance, low-energy, and maybe even Passive House building?

In this presentation, we talk about the 6 key characteristics of high performance buildings, and how you can achieve these performance standards without increasing project costs.  Truly high performance or Passive House certified projects have gone from being an idealistic aspiration to a tangible reality in less than a decade. Enough time has passed to have examples, stories, and data to reflect on the first generation of these buildings and learn from their example. High Performance Gets Real is a series of case studies about the methods, materials and successes.

Watch the 30 minute presentation video below:


More 475 presentations available on demand:

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One Response to 475 Presents: High Performance Gets Real

  1. nick mahedy May 2, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Love that video. great info, thank you!

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