June 14, 2017

475 On-Site: Chris Corson on Precision, Efficiency, And The Future Of Building

EcoCor’s Founder talks Passive House, Pro Clima, and his path through high-performance construction

Chris Corson, of EcoCor High Performance Building Systems, talks to us about how he developed EcoCor’s signature panelized construction techniques and Passive House Institute Certified building assembly. Chris makes the powerful point that even as other industries have made quantum leaps in technology and precision in the past few decades, widely-used construction methods have remained relatively unchanged for nearly a century. By adopting Passive House and advancing computer-aided precision, we integrate new designs into the building sector and dramatically reduce the energy demand associated with buildings – something Corson calls “a responsibility of the profession.” Covering everything from reduced construction waste to sustainable, low-VOC materials, Chris talks about how he steps up to fulfill that responsibility – all while crafting comfortable, safe, high-performance buildings that are meant to last. Thanks to Chris and the whole EcoCor crew for their invaluable efforts building what we wholeheartedly agree is “the absolute best way that a home can be built today.”

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  1. Elrond Burrell June 19, 2017 at 5:18 pm #

    Man, I just love what Chris and his team are doing! 🙂 Rock on!

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