October 6, 2017

475 News From Around the Web

September was a big month here at 475. We’re proud to see our happenings have been popping up all over. From the new Cornell Tech Passive House building to New York politics to articles featuring our woolly friends at Havelock, our projects, products, and partners have been getting some great press that we need to share. In case we didn’t make it to your newsfeed, here’s a recap of whats been going on with us around the web:


Click the images above to be sent to each article, or check out the full articles here:

  1. DeBlasio’s Gap on Climate Policy? It’s Under His Front Door
  2. VIDEO – ProHOME 2017: Insulation
  3. What Makes Zero House – 475 High Performance Building Supply
  4. The City of The Future is in Beta Testing at Cornell’s New Tech Hub 
  5. Natural Wool Insulation Creates Smarter, Healthier Spaces 
  6. 7 Steps for a Healthier Home 
  7. Find Out How This “Smart Wall” can Create Healthier Spaces
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