Partner with 475 High Performance Building Supply to help your projects move into the high performance future. 475 Advance benefits include:
  • Project-specific pricing
  • 50% off any additional 475 training
  • Exclusive demos of products and samples
  • Priority status for detail consulting and WUFI analysis
  • Feature your company in our newsletter and social media

475’s experienced sales team is ready to assist you with design and application decisions that will simplify your building assembly while optimizing for comfort, health, and material cost. We work to help your team get the exposure and recognition it deserves for creating buildings that lead by example.



Project-specific pricing

Working with our experienced sales team, we can help choose materials that work to optimize your assembly, while considering shipping time / cost and help to group orders, creating savings we pass on to you. Orders big and small can get discounts off the list price, for larger orders we can offer additional discounts on top of our published bulk pricing. We’re here to guarantee the more you spend, the more you’ll save.

50% off any available 475 training

475 has created hours of training aimed at giving professionals tools they can use right away. Whether you’re designing or installing, we’ve got in-person trainings for you at a significant discount, and hours of free online trainings.

Exclusive demo products and samples

New products and material overstocks will be offered exclusively to our 475 Advance Members for free or significantly discounted rates.

Priority status for detail consulting and WUFI analysis

From the smallest tiny houses, to the largest Passive House in the world, we’ve advised on details and materials that work in the real world - not just on paper. Review your assembly with experienced professionals, including hygrothermal analysis with WUFI-ORNL / IBP certified trainers on 475. Plus, get the added benefit of having your details move to the front to the queue for analysis.