2x Framing Smart Enclosure (DWG)

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Product Specifications

Climate Zones 4-8 (DWG Files)

CAD drawings can be cut, pasted, edited, and customized to form the basis of a complete approach to airsealing and vapor control required by your next high performance construction project.

Download DraftSight from Dassault Systèmes for free CAD software.

Disclaimer: The following drawings are diagramatic and are not intended for direct use. A professional architect, engineer, or builder must evaluate and customize per specific project requirements.


We need to build buildings that are very energy efficient carbon sinks that are carbon negative - not in 50 years, but on day one. The Smart Enclosure meets these goals, maximizing climate impact, while providing affordable, healthy, safe and ecological assemblies.

The Smart Enclosure system isn’t a one size fits all prescription, but a range of strategies that can be made project and site specific. While the context may vary, the solutions strive to deliver these shared goals:

  • Lowered embodied carbon & Greater carbon sequestration
  • More natural materials & Lower toxicity
  • 100+ year durability with Smart vapor control and airtightness
  • Integration of enclosures into whole building design

The more we realize these principles, the smarter the enclosure becomes. The enclosure is a complete system, a system whose intelligence is built into the structural fabric. Smart qualities are not about tech gadgets that require rebooting, repairs and worse. The smarts should passively reside in the architecture.